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Saturday, February 28, 2009

ADSD Collab Free Digital scrapbook kit

Here is the March ADS Collab. It starts March 1. My part is OK for CU

Download My Part Here

Some of the graphics from my part of the collab came from here
Here are the rest of the participants with their coordinating contributions Pay them a visit to get some beautiful creations from some talented People.

Mags - http://magsgraphics.blogspot.com/ DesignsByAmilyn - http://designsbyamilyn.blogspot.com/ Gina - http://gina-moondancecreations.blogspot.com/ Jen - http://www.scrappingwithjen.blogspot.com/ Aubrey's Mom - http://scrappinbyaubreysmom.blogspot.com/ Donna - http://www.tootlebugz.com/ Foxy - http://foxyladycreation.blogspot.com/ Debbie - http://digital-keepsakes.blogspot.com/ Becky - http://beckysscrap.blogspot.com/ Linda - http://lindasdreamdesigns.blogspot.com/ Candy - http://candystreasures.blogspot.com/ Joyful Moments Designs- http://digitalshop-margie.blogspot.com/ Shel - http://shelbellescraps.blogspot.com/ Joni http://mooscrapworld.blogspot.com/ Lei - http://fairydustprincess-magicmaker.blogspot.com/ BlueVelvet DeZigns- http://nutnbutdezigns.blogspot.com/ AllieKat Creations -- http://www.alliekatcreations.blogspot.com/ Lynn - http://themathematiciansassistant.com/ EmCeeScraps http://emceescraps.blogspot.com/ Buzybee Designs - http://buzybeehive.blogspot.com/ Deanna at Flower Scraps - http://flowerscrap.blogspot.com/ Anne - http://mousee23.sosblog.com/ Bits N Bobs - http://scrappingbits.blogspot.com/ Willow Grace Designs - http://willowgracedesigns.blogspot.com/ Cyndi, Wetfish Designs - http://wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/ Bonnie/The Maltese Scrapper - http://bonniecarter.blogspot.com/ Mardesia - http://craftersboutique.blogspot.com/ Catt - http://cattscrapps.blogspot.com/ Gail - http://gails-space.blogspot.com/ Morgaine Creations© - http://morgainecreations-gone-scrappy.blogspot.com/ VanJo Designs- http://harley310.blogspot.com/ beckmoore(Debbie) - http://beckmoorescrapalittle.blogspot.com/ Elemental Pixie - http://www.elementalpixie.blogspot.com/ Isabella - http://www.lotsofprettythings.blogspot.com/ Wendy & Sarah - http://www.kikkinkreations.blogspot.com/ WillowRaven @ Purple Dragonfly Creations - http://www.purpledragonflycreations.blogspot.com/ Lynn - http://heavenlycrafts.blogspot.com/ Blind Sight Designs - http://blindsightdesigns.blogspot.com/ Bhe Lacson - http://www.bhebhethartzdesignz.blogspot.com/ Cottage Stella - http://stellarificcreations.blogspot.com/ Mandy - http://scrapswithspunkitude.harkinsfamilyblog.com/ Jessi-http://stormiescraps.blogspot.com/ SnapScrapCreate - http://snapscrapcreate.blogspot.com/ Panda Bear Designs - http://www.pandabeardesigns.blogspot.com/ My Sweet Tater http://tatersplace-mjstitch.blogspot.com/ Lois AKA Ladye - http://scrappinwithladye.blogspot.com/ Mary: http://barkingpenguinscraps.blogspot.com/ Stacy @ Kalo Designs http://kalodesigns.blogspot.com/ Dawne at Desert Bloom Designs - http://desertbloomdesigns.blogspot.com/ ScrapperGirl Designs http://scrappergirldesigns.blogspot.com/ Erika {aka PinkuPixie} - http://ppbits.blogspot.com/ by God's design - http://digibygodsdesign.biz/ Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara - http://creativedigitalscraps.blogspot.com/ Digital Scrap Fun - http://www.digitalscrapfun.blogspot.com/ Heather - http://giftedgoose.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dollar Days and a CU Freebie

I am going to Chicago for a few days with my work for Dental Seminars. Sound Exciting? I am going to have everything in my stores for $1.00 while I am gone as designer Marbled Circle, so they are dollar stores for now. Everyone loves a dollar store don't they?

Go shopping at

Scrap It Sassy

Here are a couple new products in my stores on sale for $1.00 of course

The graphics for these tags came from here

And here is a freebie for you. Tag is approximately 3x4 without the string.
The tag template for these came from Delicious Scraps

Hugs & Blessings


Monday, February 23, 2009

A Free Commercial Use Digital Scrapbook Alphabet

I was going to sell this in my stores, but I decided to give it to you all instead. It is my Sweet Dreams Alpha made with soft pastels and a picture of the sweetest sleeping vintage little girl. I really like it and hope you like it too. Each letter is about 1x1.25 CU OK

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Free CU St Patty's Ribbon

I have another free CU digital scrapbook ribbon for St Patty's Day. Images for this ribbon came from here:
Hugs & Blessings
50% off sale still going on at my stores. Click HERE to go shopping before it ends. A lot of Quality CU items are available so stock up now.

Download Here

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A free CU St Pattys Digital Ribbon

I have a commercial use digital scrapbook St Patty's ribbon for you today. It is about 1x12, 300 dpi png. Hope you like it. Images for the ribbon came from here

Hugs & Blessings

50% off sale still going on at my stores. Click HERE to go shopping before it ends. A lot of Quality CU items are available so stock up now.

Download Here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A free cu digital clip

I have a cute little digital paper clip for you to download today. it is about 2 inches tall. Hope you like it and can use it.
Download Here

Hugs & Blessings

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Free Altered Vintage Digital Tag

Here is your freebie. It is covered under my angel policy for commercial use. See my TOU Here Download Here

I have a set of 12 available in my stores right click on the imageand open in a new window to see all 12 in the set. It is on sale right now for $2.00 Scrap It Sassy
12 Delicate Vintage Altered Tags Approximately 4x6,5 inches. They are adorned with lace, flowers, bows, and vintage images. They are ok for Commercial use and are covered under my Angel policy for printing. Marbled Circle Angel Policy For Printables `Angel Policy for Printables May be PRINTED to make and sell at local craft shows, fund-raisers, bazaars, and similar small venues by home businesses as long as they are not mass produced. (Do not sell more than 200 of the same printable during 1 calendar year.) Not to be SOLD in ANY digital form. Please follow my Angel Policy and if you have any questions e-mail me at beckysscrap@gmail.com

Monday, February 16, 2009

A free digital scrapbook dangled frame set

Still have my 50% off sale going at Scrap It Sassy I have 4 new items I want to show you. All are on sale for $1.25 during my sale.

A set of 4 stunning vintage, victorian dangled heart frames. Adorned with victorian flowers, ribbons and bows. Approximately 8x9 inch 30 dpi png. Just add your pictures and layer over your background paper. Also OK for CU.

A set of 4 gorgeous victorian, vintage dangle frames. Embellished with victorian flowers, ribbons, & bows. Approximately 8x9 inch 300 dpi png. No drop shadows. CU OK

4 gorgeous frame sets. Antique frames adorned with flowing ribbons and Vintage flowers. Approximately 9.5 x 10.5. 300 DPI Transparent PNG. Commercial Use OK. You will love these and use them again and again, I envision wedding photos, heritage photos, baby photos, prom,homecoming, and much more.

4 gorgeous frame sets. Antique frames adorned with flowing ribbons and Vintage flowers. Approximately 8 x 10. 300 DPI Transparent PNG. Commercial Use OK. You will love these and use them again and again, I envision wedding photos, heritage photos, baby photos, prom,homecoming, and much more.

Here is your freebie. It is approximately 4.5 about half the size of the ones for sale in the set.

Download Here
Hugs & Blessings

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Before I was a Mom

Happy Valentines Day Hope you get to spend it with someone you love.

I received this in an e-mail from my nephew. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do to.

> Before I was a Mom,> I never tripped over toys> or forgot words to a lullaby.> I didn't worry whether or not> my plants were poisonous.> I never thought about immunizations.> > Before I was a Mom,> I had never been puked on.> Pooped on.> Chewed on.> Peed on.> I had complete control of my mind> and my thoughts.> I slept all night.> > Before I was a Mom,> I never held down a screaming child> so doctors could do tests.> Or give shots.> I never looked into teary eyes and cried.> I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.> I never sat up late hours at night> watching a baby sleep.> > Before I was a Mom,> I never held a sleeping baby just because> I didn't want to put her down.> I never felt my heart break into a million pieces> when I couldn't stop the hurt.> I never knew that something so small> could affect my life so much.> I never knew that I could love someone so much.> I never knew I would love being a Mom.> > Before I was a Mom,> I didn't know the feeling of> having my heart outside my body.> I didn't know how special it could feel> to feed a hungry baby.> I didn't know that bond> between a mother and her child.> I didn't know that something so small> could make me feel so important and happy.> > Before I was a Mom,> I had never gotten up in the middle of the night> every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.> I had never known the warmth,> the joy,> the love,> the heartache,> the wonderment> or the satisfaction of being a Mom..> I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much,> before I was a Mom.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A freebie victorian Digital scrapbook tag

I have a cute victorian Freebie for you today. It is a free digital scrapbook tag. Hope you like it,

Still have my 50% off sale going at The Scrap It Sassy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Commercial Use Digital Jean Pocket Frame Exclusive

I have a couple new items in my stores. I like to come up with unique and innovative ideas and I think these fit the bill. Tell me what you think. They are available at Scrap It Sassy where I am having a 50% off sale on everything in my stores.

I have a free Commercial Use Digital Jean Pocket Frame for you to Download Here. It is not included in the set for sale. It is a blog exclusive. Hope you like it.

6 unique Jean Pocket Journaling Tags. They match My Jean Pocket Frames also for sale. Commercial Use OK according to my TOU included in the download. On sale for $1.25 now during my sales.

6 Jean Pocket Frames embellished with lace, bows, buttons & more. What a unique way to show off your favorite photos. Ok for CU according to my TOU included in the download. On sale for $1.25 now during my sales.

Hugs & Blessings

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new award

I have been given this award by http://listen2missy.blogspot.com/

Thank You.

I pass it on to

Thank You
Hugs & Blessings

50% off Sale

I am having a 50% off sale at Scrappin Out Loud until 2/22/09. Stock up now.

And here is a freebie for you. Another commercial Use Digital Scrapbook Charm. I have another free charm here if you are interested.
Download Here

Hugs & Blessings

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friends Quote

Here is a friendship quote for you today.
Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings can't remember how to fly.
Hugs & Blessings to all my friends

Monday, February 9, 2009

free digital scrapbook alphabet

I have the cutest free digital scrapbook alphabet set for you today. It included upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-9. It can be colorized in your photoshop or paint shop pro or whatever photo editing program you use if you want to. I hope you like it. Available at Scrap It Sassy.

Hugs & Blessings

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks and a digital scrapbook charm freebie

Thanks to all of you. As a Thank You I will continue my $0.43 sale . That means you could buy my entire store for about $20.00. I am very thankful for all my followers and visitors. Thank you to all who have donated for my freebies too. Every little bit helps. I spend a lot of time and also $$ to buy commercial use products to create these freebies so it is nice to know it is appreciated. Leave me some Love.
Hugs & Blessings

Here's a freebie digital scrapbook charm for you all. Download Here

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Couple of Free Digital Scrapbook Hearts for you

This is for sale at the Scrap It Sassy for $1.00
Marbled Circle Red White & Blue Hearts
A set of 18 red white and blue hearts ornaments & tags. Average size about 4 inches.
Here is your freebie. Exclusively for my blog visitors. These are not include in the set for purchase.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inspirational Quote for the day

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with in the heart.
Helen Keller

Free Commercial Use Digital Scrapbook Overlay

Did you notice the new look of my blog? How do you like it? Here is a new product I have for sale in my stores.
A Marbled Circle Commercial Use Crazy For Paisley Patterns
12 Paisley Patterns and a free bonus overlay for photoshop. That is $0.25 per Pattern. With these patterns you'll be whipping out papers & elements in no time. Patterns can be resized with no loss of quality. Play around with the blending mode over solid or gradient backgrounds for stunning results.I have included instructions for installing patterns and using them for fill.

Get it at Scrap It Sassy

I have a free overlay made from one of these patterns for you to download from 4shared today. 1 preview shows it over a solid background, but the download is transparent. If you like it, hop on over to one of my stores to buy the set.
Hugs & Blessings

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Commercial Use Pewter Butterfly

I have a little metal butterfly for you today. It is about 1x1. Hope you like it.
Download Here

Inspirational quote of the day

Here is an inspirational quote for you. I hope to be back later to post a digital scrapbook freebie.
You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.
Hugs & Blessings

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my part of the SOL Collab Kit for Free

Here is my part of the Scrappin Out Loud February Love Collab. You can download it from my blog for free. The whole collab kit is available at Scrappin Out Loud for $3.50

Download Here
Hope you like it.
Hugs & Blessings

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ADS Blog Train

Marbled Circle ADS Collab Chocolate Cherry
A kit with vintage tags, buttons, bows, string bows, tag frame & 6 papers. A cute little kit with a lot of potential.
Here is my freebie for the ADS Blog Train. This train is the best and you should visit all the participants. There are some great designers offering freebies for you. Mine is in my stores.
Hugs & Blessings

Here are all the other blogs participating:

Mags - http://magsgraphics.blogspot.com/ Wendy & Sarah - http://www.kikkinkreations.blogspot.com/ Angie (Elemental Pixie) - http://elementalpixie.blogspot.com/ Gina - http://gina-moondancecreations.blogspot.com/ Judith - http://justanotherscrap.wordpress.com/ Becky http://beckysscrap.blogspot.com/ A Changed Heart Designs - http://mommyaddictedtoscraps.blogspot.com/ Lei - http://fairydustprincess-magicmaker.blogspot.com/ Adele http://blindsightdesigns.blogspot.com/ Bonnie - http://maltesescrapper.com/ DesignsByAmilyn - http://www.designsbyamilyn.blogspot.com/ Candie - http://candiescreations.blogspot.com/ Cindi http://harley310.blogspot.com/ Linda @ http://lindasdreamdesigns.blogspot.com/ Donna - http://www.tootlebugz.com/ Gail - http://gails-space.blogspot.com/ Aubrey's Mom - http://scrappinbyaubreysmom.blogspot.com/ Jessie - http://stormiescraps.blogspot.com/ Vero - http://thescrappingtree.blogspot.com/ Crystal - http://www.digitalscrapfun.blogspot.com/ Diana - http://digitaldezerts.blogspot.com/ Penny - http://alliekatcreations.blogspot.com/ Mary - http://barkingpenguinscraps.blogspot.com/ Anne http://mousee23.sosblog.com/index.htm Arvita's - http://arvita-elams-flights-of-fancy.blogspot.com/ desiab @ Crafter's Boutique -- http://craftersboutique.blogspot.com/ Manda- http://www.disasterindesigns.com/ Wendi @ Willow Grace Designs - http://willowgracedesigns.blogspot.com/ Buzybee (Penny Lewis) - http://buzybeehive.blogspot.com/ Deanna at Flower Scraps - http://flowerscrap.blogspot.com/ Debbie - http://beckmoorescrapalittle.blogspot.com/ Jenn Gigowski of BMC - http://busybeingblessed.com/ WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations - http://www.purpledragonflycreations.blogspot.com/ Jen - http://scrappingwithjen.blogspot.com/ Catmom - http://the-cats-meow-catmom.blogspot.com/ Bits N Bobs - http://scrappingbits.blogspot.com/ Morgaine Creations© - http://morgainecreations-gone-scrappy.blogspot.com/ CATT - http://cattscrapps.blogspot.com/ Deb - http://thescrappincop.blogspot.com/ Dawne of Desert Bloom Designs - http://desertbloomdesigns.blogspot.com/ EmCeeScraps - http://emceescraps.blogspot.com/ Vintage Paris Princess Designs - http://vintageparisprincess.blogspot.com/ Erikia {aka PinkuPixie} - http://ppbits.blogspot.com/ Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara - http://creativedigitalscraps.blogspot.com/ Joni - http://bouquetofpixels.blogspot.com/ Lynn - http://themathematiciansassistant.com/

Inspirational Quote

Another inspirational quote for you today.
A house is made of walls & beams...A home is made of love and dreams.
Hugs & Blessings

Free Digital Scrapbook Torn frame

I have a unique digital scrapbook tornout frame for you to download for free today. It is just something I was playing around with and I thought maybe someone would like it. Hope you do.
Hugs & Blessings
Download Here
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