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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Frayed Fabric Photoshop Action and CU freebie frayed fabric

An exciting new frayed fabric photoshop action is on sale now at TKO Scraps and Scrap It Sassy.
A Marbled Circle CU Photoshop Action Frayed Fabric

A Marbled Circle CU Photoshop Action Frayed Fabric

$6.99 $3.99
Save: 43% off

These actions will turn your image into frayed fabric in seconds. There are 2 photoshop actions. One for images up to 7 inches and one for images 7-12 inches. For photoshop 7 & up. CU OK
Purchase my CU4CU license if you want to use my Commercial Use items to create your own CU items to sell. 
The image for the frayed fabric freebie came from HERE
She has amazing clipart at great prices.

Download HERE

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