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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Terms Of Use for Digital Scrapbook Products by Marbled Circle
My terms of use are pretty simple & uncomplicated. None of my creations are to be sold or made available free for download 'as is'. Don't claim them as your own creation.

`Personal Use is just that...Personal Use Only.
My Freebies can be shared ONLY by sending them to my blog. Do not link to 4shared or share my freebies on your groups. They must come & get them from my blog. 

Terms of Use Commercial Use Digital Scrapbook Products By Marbled Circle
You  may sell the products you create from my digital scrapbook items and actions as part of a personal use product or kit that you create and sell for your scrapbooking business. Credit is not required but is appreciated. Your products made from my actions and other products must be for your customers' PERSONAL use. Do not sell my commercial use items just by putting your name on them. Use them to help you make something uniquely yours. You can use my CU items such as bows, frames, & other CU element packs  "as is" without changes as "part" of your PU scrap kits, but can not sell them as a stand alone PU kit or product. That would be just putting your name on them and selling them.
You may not resell, share, trade, distribute or barter the actions themselves. If you want use my commercial use products to create and sell your own COMMERCIAL USE products I have a separate CU4CU License you can purchase.You can't use any of these to create other commercial use products unless you purchase my CU4CU license.

CU4CUPurchase my CU4CU license if you want to use my Commercial Use items to create your own CU items to sell. It is available here http://digitaldesignboutique.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=44

TOU for All Clipart for Resale including Printables and Vintage Image Sets
What is allowed With our Resellers License available HERE

You may sell our clipart AS IS. for your customers personal or commercial use. Not for them to resell as is.
You may use our clipart collections in your digital scrapbooking kits and creations, paper packs and elements, web design, web services, crafting, candy wrappers, embroidery, patterns.
  You may use our clipart to create printables or crafting projects. You May use our clipart in designing websites as long as you give us credit in the footer of the site for the graphics or clipart. This includes any web sets you may resell using our clipart.
You MAY NOT claim our work as your own at any time! As a Licensed Reseller you must show you are a licensed reseller of Digital Design Boutique. add our button or banner on your FRONT page and have it linked to Digital Design Boutique, Also in your descriptions it should state clipart from Digital Design Boutique. 
Without Our Resellers License

Use the artwork to create something new for personal or commercial use.
These graphics must be incorporated into something new that you've created yourself. In other words, they can't be re-sold AS the original graphics you receive  (including blank, uncustomized siggys and avatars, psp tubes, and formats that are transparent). This artwork may not be used in any type of mass production, and when using in digital scrapbook kits, they must be merged/flattened onto something else (such as a frame, tag, or background paper), or you may add a sticker border. Kits created for the purpose of resale should not contain more than 50% of the collection purchased (e.g. if a collection you purchase from me has 10 images, please only use 5 of those images per kit). If you would like to use them "as is" to include in your kits (and use the whole collection if you like), you can purchase my resellers license.

You MUST give credit to our site for the clipart used to make your creations. 

Credit for the artwork should be stated as ________created using artwork from Digital Design Boutique on all web pages and packaging where these designs are displayed...and a link, when possible, should be provided to http://digitaldesignboutique.com 

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