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Friday, August 21, 2009

Poems from Thena

I have a new poll in the sidebar. I want to start making photoshop actions, but don't know how many people can and will use them. Please take part in the poll.

Here are a couple poems I printed and put in my son's wedding card. Thanks Thena for these. Here is her web site. She is fabulous with words. http://thenaspoemaday.blogspot.com/

For Son on Wedding Day

Years ago when I was young
And prayed for a son of my own
I prayed not only for the infant
But for the son when grown.
I prayed for his health and strength
For faith and courage too
And the Father heard my prayer
And sent me the precious gift of you.
As you grew up in wisdom and stature
I watched you with adoring eyes
And that you turned out so wonderfully
Was certainly no surprise.
And from the time you arrived to share
The home we made for you
It was my daily fervent prayer
That God prepare the perfect wife for you.
Again I sit with tears of utmost joy
As I see God's gift to my dear boy
And I will praise Him all my life
For the wonderful lady he sent
To be your bride and loving wife!

A Mother's Prayer for Daughter in Law

A Mother's Prayer
I prayed for you
Before I ever met you
And once I saw you
I knew I would never forget you.
There was something about you
That was special and rare
But I didn't know yet
That you were the answer to my prayer.
You were the answer to the prayer
For the one my son would wed
I prayed for you from the time he was born
And this is where my prayers led.
I prayed for your health
Health of body, soul and spirit
And I knew always in my heart
That God, our Father, would hear it.
And now I know just who you are
And how you found your way
Into our hearts and homes and lives
And to your wedding day.

Don't make me cry now.
Hugs and Blessings

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