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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Marbled Circle Commercial Use digital scrapbook freebie and new products for sale as low as $1.00

I have a few new products in my stores. A Patterned Bead Photoshop Action Set, A Layered Frame & Bonus Bow. You can buy them at my stores listed on the sides of this blog. New products are as low as $1.00. I made you a digital scrapbook cu freebie from both my new products. a patterned bead strand with the layered frame re-sized to make charm frames.  I hope you like it. I appreciate your comments, and feel free to leave a link to any freebies you may want to share with my blog readers.
Here are previews of my new cu digital scrapbook items
 A Marbled Circle CU Layered Frame and Bonus Bow


A layered silver frame that you can colorize with a gem layer that you can colorize separately . Approximately 3.75 inches. Use it alone or use a few together. The bow is yours to use with the frame or for any other use you may have. Just the bow alone is worth  more than the price of this set. Very versatile. CU OK

A Marbled Circle CU Photoshop Action Set Patterned Beads

$5.99  $2.99
Save: 50% off

This action set is loaded. you get 10 actions, a brush set, a layer style set, & a set of straight and curved paths that all need to be used with the actions but can be used for other creativity as well. The bead strands are 12 inches long. You can use any pattern or color you want for the beads. Photoshop 7 & up. CU OK

Here is your CU Freebie

Download Freebie HERE
Hugs and Blessings


Maureen said...

This is so lovely...thank you so very much for sharing...!! x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! So pretty!

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